Why dp Gold Coins

VISION OF dp Gold Coins – To enable customers to buy silver anytime, anywhere at the best available price.

dp Gold Coins is a convenient, user-friendly platform to transact in physical silver with options of home delivery or Vaulting Services.
dp Gold Coins is a trademark of dP Gold Coins, which is one of India’s largest silver trading companies.
dp Gold Coins enables customers to buy high-purity physical silver at the best available price. Customers can purchase silver along with insurance and also enjoy the perks of contactless home delivery.

The other means to buy physical silver are along with the challenges

  • Traditional silver purchasing involves the customer visiting a Local jeweler (Relatively higher and fluctuating prices)
  • Bank (High prices)
  • MCX (A futures market and not a spot market, regular requirement of Margin and Mark to Market funding)

Benefits of dp Gold Coins: -

Strong Backing: -

dP Gold Coins backs every transaction on dp Gold Coins. dP Gold Coins sells physical silver across 30 cities and 9 states across our country. Our team of passionate professionals are there to guide you smoothly throughout the entire process of buying silver.

Simple and Time Efficient: -

Buying silver has never been easier in the comfort of your home with just a few clicks.

Easy and seamless method to buy physical silver:

  • Through an online interface (Website / iPhone App / Android App) anytime anywhere
  • Quick and Hassle-free placement of orders.
  • Accepts payment via different modes
  • Secured Storage facilities in our insured vaults
  • Pan India Delivery options

Attractive Pricing:-

We obtain Silver at the most competitive rates and transfer those savings to you, as dp Gold Coins consumers, guaranteeing that purchases in Silver are made at the best market price.

Variety of Products and Denominations: -

dp Gold Coins allows customers to buy casted bars (lowest cost option) or exact-weight-intended minted bars/coins (at a slightly higher price than casted bars).