1) In what denomination I can buy Silver from dp Gold Coins?

You can buy the silver under various denominations. Both Minted and Casted Bars are available.
Minted Bars- 5gm, 10gm, 20gm, 50gm, 100gm, 200gm, 500gm & 1Kg.
Casted Bars- 500gms, 1kg, 5kgs & 30kgs.

2) Can I book only price now and pay later?

Yes, you can do that by paying only 15% as advance payment at time of booking. Remaining 85% amount needs to be paid by RTGS / NEFT within 1 working day.

3) How can I get a confirmation of my order?

After completion of payment, you will get order confirmation by email to your registered email id and registered mobile number.

4) If I buy a casted bar, by when will I receive the exact weight / final invoice?

For casted bar, dp Gold Coins will provide you with exact bar details of weight and its final invoice and send these details to your email ID by the next working day.

5) When is a price confirmed?

A price is confirmed after you make payment of your purchase online.

6) How can I authenticate the product sold by The dp Gold Coins?

dp Gold Coins sells only pure silver bars and has its logo on every product. We provide Self Purity Certificate with each coin/bar which certifies its purity and quantity.

If any customer still has any Purity related issues, they can raise the issue at info@dpgoldcoins.com, our team will facilitate in getting the products checked at a certified assaying or purity testing centre and action would be taken basis the result from the purity testing centre. If the Purity is not as per the order details, then full refund will be initiated, however if the Purity is as per the Order, then the testing charges will have to be borne by customer.

7) What is casted bar?

Casted bar will come in variant weight, i.e.it is not of exact weight. For example, if you wish to buy 1 kg bar; exact weight will be allocated in between 0.900 kg to 1.100 Kg. Casted bars are comparatively lower in cost than minted bars.

8) How will balance payments be adjusted for an allocated casted bar?

When customer has procured a casted bar and the actual weight of the Casted Bar is less than the chosen weight, than balance amount will be refunded to the customer within 3 to 7 working days, and if bar weight is higher than the chosen weight, we will ask for balance payment from you, post which the bar will be shipped or ownership will be transferred to you.

9) How much quantity I can buy?

You can buy as much quantity as you like.

10) Is there any minimum quantity I have to buy?

You can buy a minimum of 5 grams of silver.

11) What is spot price?

Spot price refers to the current market price of a metal.

12) What all is included in the displayed Product Price?

We are selling physical Silver and our displayed Product Price includes making and packing charges.

13) Will there be any additional charges on my order? Are there any additional paid services?

  • GST will be applicable as per government law.
  • Vaulting and /or delivery charges will be extra. Vaulting charges will be applicable for the period that you keep the asset in the vault which will be communicated to you as per the prevailing rates at that time.
  • You may avail additional paid services like special delivery and any special type of customization at an additional cost, please contact Customer Care.

14) What if I do not find the product that I wanted on the site?

We always try to provide all the possible products to our customers, however if we are unable to provide you the desired product then please do get in touch with the customer care team on (M) 9930708333 or Email: Info@dpgoldcoins.com so that we may be able to add the product in the near future.

15) Can I place an order by mobile / email?

Definitely, we are on Play Store & App Store download “dp Gold Coins” app. After KYC process you can order on your mobile.

16) How much does dp Gold Coins charge me for the product to be delivered to my residence?

dp Gold Coins will charge delivery shipment as mention in pin Code select list. We work with only trusted delivery partners who will work towards providing you with the best possible service.

17) What is the estimated time for the products to be delivered / shipped?

The date of delivery usually depends on the type of product & location of delivery chosen by you. Most of the products are usually readily available, and it normally takes 7 to 15 working days for delivering these products to you safely. In case of critical or exceptional circumstances, our team will notify you accordingly.

18) Do I need to show any ID proof?

The shipment value is high, the delivery agent will request for ID proof from who so ever is collecting the shipment at the mentioned address on behalf of the customer. This is to ensure correct and safe delivery of the product. (This ID Proof should have been previously entered in our records)

19) Can I gift the product to someone else?

Yes, you can choose to gift any item from your cart. To do this, please click on the Giftbox option next to the item that you want gifted. Products eligible for this Gifting service can be availed at an additional GiftBox cost.

20) Is my product safe in transit?

Your product is shipped in a durable condition, and tamper-free packing is done so that the product remains intact. We ensure exhaustive insurance for your product till it reaches you, as we deliver the products to you through reputed courier facilities. We advise not to accept products that are tampered with.

21) Is there a provision to change the shipping address after placing the order?

If the product is not yet shipped, you can get the shipping address changed. In such cases, we will coordinate with our courier agencies to get it delivered to the changed / updated address. You can get in touch with the Customer service team on (M) 9930708333 or email us at info@dpgoldcoins.com, to help you with it. If the product is in transit, then you cannot change the address, we can reship the product to the new address when the product is returned. Our customer service will inform you regarding additional charges and timelines for delivery to changed / updated address.

22) Do you offer Cash on Delivery (COD) facility for my location?

Currently we do not have a Cash on Delivery option.

23) I live abroad. Can I get the product delivered in India?

Yes. You can get the product delivered in India. We would need a valid shipping address in India for the product to be delivered. We request you to check the product detail page's information to deliver the product to your Pin code along with individual details to whom the product is to be delivered.

24) How can I get the status of my order?

You can easily track the status of your order by opening our website and clicking on Track My Order option.

25) I live in India. But I got to know that you do not deliver products to my Pin code. Please let me know how can I place the order?

Please check if we deliver to your pin code/city by entering your PIN code in the shopping/cart checkout page. If there is no courier service available in your area/city, as per our terms and conditions we cannot deliver to your selected location. None the less, you may contact our Customer Support at info@dpgoldcoins.com and we will try and do our best custom shipment options with your consents and approvals.

26) What if I want to place an order for delivery to multiple locations?

Yes, you can. Please create separate orders for each location.

27) How do you ensure that the correct person has taken the shipment of delivery?

For proof of delivery, all orders require an ID Proof of the person taking the delivery, courier partners might also request for OTP as well as a signature upon delivery.

28) Do you have insurance cover for Storage and Transit?

Yes, we have insured your silver from Storage till it is delivered to you.

29) What will be the results if my order is lost in transit?

In case of such rare events, we make sure to wait for about 15 days and then initiate refund or reprocessing or reshipment of the goods.

30) What should I be doing if the product that has been delivered to me is in a defective/ damaged condition?

We urge you NOT to accept any damaged or tampered shipments as it will then be the responsibility of the recipient in case any product is missing.

31) What are the Payment options? How can I make the payment for a product that I have ordered through dp Gold Coins through online provisions?

  • We offer different payment methods like net banking, debit card & credit card, UPI, and fund transfer. Your account information will be confidential, and we use SSL encryption technology for protecting your card information.
  • In case of purchases above Rs 20,000/-, at least 15% needs to be paid via Credit Card / Debit Card / UPI to confirm your order(book your order). Remaining amount needs to be paid within the next 1 hour through any of our existing payment options.

32) How can I pay with the help of a Credit/Debit card? Do let me know if it is safe?

We have a secure payment gateway service on our website which makes sure to keep all the card details private and use SSL encryption technology to protect the card information.

33) Are the prices displayed on dp Gold Coins subject to any change?

The prices are subject to change without notice in relation to live market rates.

34) I am living abroad. Can I buy product from your website and pay by international card?

Yes, you can buy product from our website. Payments can be made by using international credit cards only. But delivery can be in India only. Additional charges may be incurred.

35) If there are any refunds, how long will it take to reach?

All Refunds shall be done by the way of an online bank transfer to the customer's account within 7 to 15 days. Refund will go back to originating payment mode made by customer, for eg if payments were made with credit card, refund will go back to that same credit card.

36) My money has been debited from my credit card but on dp Gold Coins Website it says that Transaction Failed?

In case if the payment transaction is interrupted due to any unforeseen reason and is not complete, the customer shall raise a dispute with the bank through which the payment is made. dp Gold Coins will not be able to verify your banking account/credit card transaction details.

37) What if someone uses a stolen credit card / credit card fraud?

dp Gold Coins is not responsible for any payment received through a stolen credit card/ through any other misrepresentation or fraud or any other offence under law. Any such transaction will have to be taken up with your bank/credit card provider.

38) Why should I buy from dp Gold Coins?

dp Gold Coins is backed by dP Gold Coins; one of the top silver traders of India. dP Gold Coins sells silver in 30 cities in 9 states across India. dP Gold Coins has built a strong reputation over the years as a professional and efficient silver trading company. dp Gold Coins is a convenient and user-friendly platform to transact in physical silver. dp Gold Coins enables customers across India to buy high purity physical silver at a lower price in a customer friendly way and either have it safely vaulted with insurance or take door step delivery to their home.

39) Who can login as a Bulk buyer?

Any individual or company (industry or jewelry manufacturer) with a GST number, who wishes to procure more than 1 Kg of Silver can login as a Bulk buyer.

40) What is Silver in Vault Service?

dp Gold Coins is offering its customers the service to leave their physical Silver, (procured from dp Gold Coins) in dp Gold Coins certified secured vaults. You may avail this facility, if you do not want to risk keeping the Silver in your homes.

41) What is Receipt of Vaulting / Silver Certificate?

It is a dp Gold Coins certified receipt that is proof of presence of your physical Silver in the vault. This is the certificate given when you chose the “Silver In Vault” Service.

42) If I choose to safeguard my product in the vault, how do I know that my product is secure in the vault?

dp Gold Coins uses well respected vaulting agents to store your silver. These vaulting agents are regularly audited, have adequate insurance and have a pan India presence.

43) What proof do I have that the product in the vault belongs to me?

We will provide the customer a Receipt of Vaulting / Silver Certificate which will ensure that nobody else can access to the product.

44) Can I go and see my product in the vault? Can I have a picture of my own product?

We are placing your silver in a very secure vault. Vaulting agents generally do not allow individuals to view their product. None the less if the customer is insistent to view his products, you can contact Customer Care and we will try to schedule a Window Visit time for you at the vault. Kindly keep in mind that valid documents and ID Proof will be needed and Window Service charges will apply.

45) Can I go and pick up my product from the vault?

Yes, you can pick up your silver from the vault in person. You will need to contact Customer Care with invoice details. Big Bullion Bazar will then inform the vault personal as well as the customer on the reference number and pick up details.
You will need to showing valid ID proof, and will need to clear any vaulting charges.
You will need to submit the signed copy of your Receipt of Vaulting / Silver Certificate and at the vault at the time of pick up. Alternately you may opt for door step delivery by paying the logistics charges.

46) What if I want to pick up only part of my order from the vault?

In case you have more than one quantity of Silver Bar/coin lying in the vault, then you can choose to pick up some of your silver bars/coins from the vault. Please contact Customer Care from your registered email address.

47) Why do I need to pay vaulting charges?

Since there is physical silver involved, that has been procured by you, which needs to be kept in our secure vaults, vaulting charges need to be borne by the customer.

48) Does dp Gold Coins provide Digital Silver?

No, dp Gold Coins provides its customers with physical Silver only.

49) What is dp Gold Coins Promise to our customer?

  • 100% Genuine Products
  • Most Competitive Rates
  • Secured Delivery to Doorstep
  • Safety of Silver kept in “Secured Storage” when bought in “Silver In Vault” Service form.

50) What if I lose the Receipt of Vaulting / Silver Certificate printed copy?

The Receipt of Vaulting / Silver Certificate has been emailed to you. In the event that you have lost the printed copy and deleted the email, you may contact Customer support by phone or email, we will validate your details and resend it and may charge you for it in case of repeated documents.

51) Is it Safe to Buy Silver over online Internet?

In today’s age of modernization, online banking, purchasing necessities and goods online are very common. We use a secure technology to protect you against the loss, misuse or alteration of your information, so you can order Silver coin / bar without any hesitating and your information is safe and secured with us. Also, at the time of check out – you will observe there is an “s” after the “http” in the website address bar. All browsers display this to let you know that you're in a secure environment because of use of Secure Socket Layer (SLL) technology. Always place orders from a secure device and internet connection.
Please keep in mind that dp Gold Coins or any representative of dp Gold Coins will never contact you asking you for your passwords or payment OTP’s or any other personal details.

52) My product does not look same as in the image

There may be some variation from the photographs on our website with respect to Shine and Polish.

53) What if I fail to pay the vaulting charges?

Your physical silver will not be delivered to you or allowed to be picked up from the Vault till these vaulting charges are cleared. If the default continues for a period beyond 30 days, dp Gold Coins will be entitled to sell the silver at the prevailing price subsequent to such period, and the amount shall be reimbursed to you after deducting the charges due to dp Gold Coins.

54) What if I want to buy on a weekend when the market is not open?

You can place the order and make the payment on the weekend, but the actual invoice will be set at the price when the market opens. Difference in price will need to be adjusted accordingly.

55) What happens to the Silver in Vault in the event of Customer’s death?

In the event of death of the Customer, subject to the required due diligence, the title to the customer’s silver lying in the vault, shall be transfer to the customer’s legal heir, subject to legal heirs providing valid documents to the satisfaction of dp Gold Coins to prove their legal right.