How to buy

dp Gold Coins will enable customers to buy silver in quantities as small as 5 grams to as large as 1 Ton.

a) Buy Transaction / Place an order (For Retail Customer B2C model)

  • We have a smooth flow to place an order through our portaldp Gold Coins provides a transparent system to book the silver at a competitive price.
  • You can see the final live purchase price for silver on our both web and mobile application.
  • Anyone can buy silver by following this simple procedure:
    • Go to Product Page
    • See the live price
    • Select the product you want to buy
    • Add it to the cart
    • Verify quantity, price and final value.
    • Enter Mobile number to login to the dp Gold Coins site
    • Fill KYC Form (for first-time customers)
    • Select service from one of the services,
      • Pick up from Vault
      • Silver Certificate (Receipt of Vaulting)
      • Doorstep delivery
    • Make the payment
    • Confirm the payment (also on SMS / What’s app)
    • Receive invoice on email with complete details of Opt for home delivery and track the same.
  • Note: You will get all the relevant documents on your email.

  • In the case of Casted bars, customers will be notified by dp Gold Coins regarding the actual details of their bars like exact weight and serial number which will be mentioned on the invoice. Any difference in weight will be notified to the customer and balance payment, if any, will need to be paid before the ownership of the casted bar/(s) is transferred.

b) Buy Transaction / Place an order (For Bulk Buyer Customer B2B model)

  • Please contact Customer Care.
  • You can buy silver at a live screen price or limit their desired price for bulk silver buyers.
  • Bulk buyers can follow these steps:
    • The first-time buyer needs to fill KYC form and submit relevant documents via the website and mobile app. “dp Gold Coins” from Play Store or App Store.
    • Our team will approve KYC. KYC once approved, the customer will get an SMS and an email from dp Gold Coins.
    • After the confirmation of KYC approval, the customer needs to transfer a margin amount through NEFT / RTGS in our bank account as per payment details sent in the confirmation email.
    • After confirmation of this margin amount credited in our bank account, the customers can trade up to 7 times this margin amount subject to market volatility.
    • We have made a quick trading list for the ease of transactions, which can help customers ordering Mixed SKU's from 1Kg to 1Ton in Minted Bar or Casted Bar.
    • Select Quantity and buy either at the current rate or on the limit price.
    • Once the order has been confirmed, the bulk buyer customer must pay the total amount in 24 hrs.
    • After the payment is processed, the bulk buyer customer will need to send an email or WhatsApp message to our customer care explicitly mentioning the split-up weight and quantity required in their mix order.
    • We will then process the order as per these instructions.
    • Customers can call our customer care number in case of any queries.

c) Payment options

  • Payment can be made in various ways.
  • dp Gold Coins offers an easy payment process through various options like RTGS / NEFT / IMPS / Credit Card / Debit Card / UPI.